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Darren Brownn posted "Six Reasons Not to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early"

While it may go against your natural instincts, it is not always a good idea to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. This may seem like a major contradiction to a...
21/08/14 05:17PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "The Kinds Of Mortgages Available"

A mortgage is an agreement between a borrower/mortgagor and a lender/mortgagee. The former applies for a mortgage or a loan for a lump sum payment or for the purchase prop...
21/08/14 05:14PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "Why a Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit Is Possible"

It is understandable if there is some confusion over how bad credit ratings do not automatically disqualify people for securing mortgage loans. After all, a mortgage is a ...
21/08/14 05:12PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "4 Useful Tips To Help You Shop For A Mortgage"

Shopping for mortgage is a serious business. Individuals have to remember that once they avail of a mortgage, they will be bound to it for the next ten years or so. Hence,...
21/08/14 05:09PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "The Mortgage Payment"

Most people are usually not ready when they apply for a mortgage loan. Of course they know that they require a down payment to buy a house but there are other costs as wel...
21/08/14 05:07PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "Mortgage Brokers"

Finding a new home is not easy. There are various factors which play their part. Firstly, one needs to find out the right property with a long term potential and secondly,...
21/08/14 05:00PM · Article · 0

Darren Brownn posted "What Is a Reverse Mortgage? Important Facts for Seniors"

A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that gives senior homeowners the ability to cash in on their home equity. What these loans do is allow seniors to borrow a portion o...
21/08/14 04:58PM · Article · 0

Anna Martin posted "What Is Authentic Leadership?"

What does come to your mind when you hear the word authentic? Honesty, truth, sincerity, openness, integrity? You are right. Authenticity is a great word with great meanin...
21/08/14 04:48PM · Article · 0

Anna Martin posted "Leadership: What Powers Do You Possess?"

... you have the power to create, and the power to destroy...Leaders are bestowed with POWER from different sources. With this power leaders posses the capacity to use it ...
21/08/14 04:43PM · Article · 0

Anna Martin posted "Millionaires Attitude - Be A Leader"

Millionaires are leaders as they market their values and benefits. Ordinary individuals know that no one cares about their values, and they don't prefer to be pushy. Take ...
21/08/14 04:40PM · Article · 0

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