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Mellisa Motoki posted "Top 20 Social Media Marketing Tips To Sell A Home"

Recently, a smart, savvy man named Kurt, a social media expert, decided he was going to sell his house. Not really knowing that it was going to go way above reserve, but u...
22/10/14 05:47PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "Helpful Tips And Advice For Social Media Marketing"

Social media marketing is a good way to get the attention you need. A great asset to your business will be if social media users make positive reviews of your products, or...
22/10/14 05:42PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "How Does Social Media Help Build Brands?"

Social Media is without a doubt, one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach your target audience and communicate with thousands of potential customers. One of the...
22/10/14 05:39PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "Social Networking - A Viable Marketing Tool"

Social network marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. A corp...
22/10/14 05:37PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "What Is Social Media and What Can It Do for You?"

Social Media: has the power to let thousands, if not millions, of potential customers see your product or service without them even searching for it. If you only have one ...
22/10/14 05:34PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "Is Social Media Really Effective?"

Social Media has hit the ground running like nothing else ever before it. Everybody with any sort of business is trying to use it but is it effective or just a major distr...
22/10/14 05:29PM · Article · 0

Mellisa Motoki posted "A Beginner's Guide to Google+"

Google+, the social networking platform was Google's attempt to make sharing more natural on the social media. It aims at integrating most things that an individual would ...
22/10/14 05:26PM · Article · 0

Deborah Shomil posted "How To Get Cheap Home Loans With Bad Credit"

There are ways to get cheap home loans these days even with bad credit. This, however, will not be an easy procedure with a poor credit rating. But if you are willing to g...
22/10/14 05:20PM · Article · 0

Deborah Shomil posted "What Is A Reverse Mortgage? A Definition"

Watch any major program on television and you'll get hit with advertising about getting a reverse mortgage. But what the savvy media ads don't say is how they work, what d...
22/10/14 05:16PM · Article · 0

Deborah Shomil posted "How To Choose The Best Mortgage Broker"

One of the more difficult processes in life is buying a home. The average consumer is not going to simply walk into a real estate office and put money on a home and simply...
22/10/14 05:13PM · Article · 0

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