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PATRICIA MORE posted "Dig Deep for Small Business Ideas"

If you're serious about wanting to start a business, the first thing you want to do is take the time to understand what really makes you tick. Where do you get your drive?...
19/11/14 11:08AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "Assertive Communication - 20 Helpful Tips"

Most of us know that assertiveness will get you further in life than being passive or aggressive. But few of us were actually taught how to be assertive. Here are some hel...
19/11/14 11:04AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "Six Sigma Creates Leaders"

The qualities that describe six sigma processes often correlate along the same plane as the qualities that make a great leader. For instance, team work, constant improveme...
19/11/14 10:58AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "Organizational Culture"

Do you know someone who always has a bad attitude? Most people will recognize this type of person right away, and avoid him almost as quickly. Naturally, we don't like thi...
19/11/14 10:42AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "The Entrepreneurial Mindset - Do You Have What it Takes?"

Attitude Is EverythingBeing successful as an entrepreneur depends on having the right attitude: the entrepreneurial mindset.While taking control of your own destiny can be...
19/11/14 10:40AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "Successful Business Strategies"

I am a home-based entrepreneur. I own a tutor referral service in Southern California and have been a tutor broker for eight years. I just launched my second business. I a...
19/11/14 10:35AM · Article · 0

PATRICIA MORE posted "Repeating Your Successes"

Life just gets busier and busier. There are more and more things vying for your attention. Traffic gets heavier, lineups at stores get longer, and the ultimate result is t...
19/11/14 10:27AM · Article · 0

Anna Arko posted "Good Reasons To Quit Your Job"

Just as there are many bad reasons for quitting a job, there are also numerous good reasons for quitting a job as well. Advancement of an individual's career is among the ...
13/11/14 09:13PM · Article · 0

Anna Arko posted "Are You Dissatisfied With Your Job?"

Are you dissatisfied with your job? Are you looking for a New Career? Do you dream of finding a job that you love?You can have a career that you love, the only problem is,...
13/11/14 09:10PM · Article · 0

Anna Arko posted "What Is Work Life Balance?"

Work life balance means different things to different people. As a life coach, I provide support and motivation to help my clients to achieve a better work life balance. B...
13/11/14 09:07PM · Article · 0

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